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W-WWT / ATW Technologies European Office, The Netherlands

Providing technical expertise to clients around the world

W-WWT and its co-operated partners is a leading edge technology company in the design and supply of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment processes and systems. W-WWT specializes in activated sludge sequencing batch reactor (SBR) process technology treatment systems, where the pollutants and impurities in the influent wastewater are biologically treated and removed, so that the high quality treated liquid can be discharged back to the environment (rivers, lakes or ocean), or recycled and re-used for irrigation or industrial use.

W-WWT technology is a well-proven high tech, state-of-the-art process which has a space-saving design and takes up minimal footprint (real estate), has high process treatment efficiency, has minimal energy usage, and is very flexible in its capability to treat a variety of wastewater from municipalities (villages, towns and cities), and industrial customers (e.g. paper, food and petro-chemical industries).

W-WWT provides an Advanced SBR process (ASBR) which incorporates “selector” technology to provide biological nutrient removal (BNR) capability in municipal wastewaters, without the use of mechanical mixers. The process has a proven track record of installations up to 45,000 m3/d, with plants over 86,000 m3/d in commissioning and construction. The ASBR process offers considerable operational simplicity and reliability over other batch reactor processes and conventionally configured activated sludge processes.

W-WWT also provides process equipment, systems and services for smaller communities, eg RV parks and subdivisions, including pre-fabricated “package” wastewater treatment systems, lagoon treatment systems, and consulting services for troubleshooting, optimizing and upgrading existing systems.

W-WWT is based in Weert, The Netherlands, and specializes in innovative wastewater treatment and process technologies to combine USA/EU technologies with local conditions in international markets. Based on many years of global experiences in the field of wastewater treatment, W-WWT has completed over 200 wastewater treatment installations worldwide up to 200,000 m3/d capacity. W-WWT – Leaders in the mobile & industrial wastewater treatment industry.

W-WWT has 25 years’ experience working with wastewater processes, delivering technical papers and workshops around the world. Through innovative design and technical excellence in delivering solutions, W-WWT staff has worked from feasibility concept design, through detailed design and construction services to commissioning, process optimization and operator training on a variety of projects. For example, two multi-level wastewater facilities in Bangkok, Thailand were specifically designed to meet minimal footprint requirement and use cost-effective nutrient removal process to treat over 200,000 m3/d of wastewater. Technical and field personnel, are supplemented by external sub-consultants and contractors, and supported by in-house administration staff.

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